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Browser Compatibility


  • rating_form: display a Rating Form
  • rating_form_top_rating_results: display top ratings
  • rating_form_total: display total average rating result of multiple rating forms
  • rating_form_results: display rating result for each star

Click here for more information and to find out which shortcodes attributes you can use.


Custom form
- Rich Snippet enabled
- IP Check disabled (vote multiple times)

Custom form Football
- IP Check disabled (vote multiple times)

- IP Check disabled (vote multiple times)
- Empty shapes enabled
- Different titles (tooltip text)

- Rounding set to 2 decimal

- Changed text "ratings" to "votes"
-- Use shortcode attribute rates="votes"
- Only registered users can rate

Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down
- Different titles

Plus and Min

Thumbs Up only
- Switch between Up / Down or use both.

- Smaller size
- Show last rated rating
- Choice of editing last rated rating (click the red minus button)
3.9/5 5127 ratings

RTL mode
- Direction RTL enabled

Static titles
- Tooltip disabled: remove tooltips
-- Use shortcode attribute tooltip="false"
- Titles enabled: display static titles
-- Use shortcode attribute title="true"
- Total ratings disabled

Display rating result
- Use shortcode attribute result="true"
- Voting is not allowed

Multiple criteria
- Use different Rating Forms
- Use shortcode attribute custom_id
User friendly:



Total average rating of multiple (criteria) forms
- Use shortcode rating_form_total
3.9 average based on 5127 ratings

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3.9/5 5127 ratings

57 thoughts on “Demo Page

  1. SerdarSerdar

    Hi! Added rating form inside comments using shortcode. Cool ha?

    1. tale

      not bad
      its very dangers axaxaxa

  2. SerdarSerdar Post author

    Test Comment

  3. Bob

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur. Excepteur sint occaecat cupidatat non proident, sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollit anim id est laborum

  4. Johnny Cash

    Does it really work?

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Yes. Try it.

      1. Ptn

        вывсеврети! ниверю!

  5. Gavin


    I've just bought this plugin and it's worked perfectly straight away, which is great, thank you!

    One question, I'm using the stars rating, but can I change the word 'rates' to 'votes' where it shows the total?


    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Hi Gavin,

      Thank you for the purchase. You can change with the text 'rates' with the shortcode attribute rates. Example:
      [rating_form id="1" rates="votes"]

  6. arutam

    Hi World, it is a test comment to rating form

  7. AMIN

    i have this plugin is very very good

  8. Mehmet

    Im thinkin about to buy this plugin. Can i show top rated posts for different categories? Seperatly.

  9. Alex

    I bought your plugin some days ago.
    Now i want place a lot of rating on 1 page.
    Can i do it?

    I place some rating forms, but they calculate all votes in all forms.
    But i want different votes on 1 page.
    Can you help me?

    Sry for my english.

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author


      There is a shortcode attribute called: custom_id. This way you can create multiple independent rating forms on the same page/post.

      Use numbers inside attribute custom_id.
      See this page for more shortcode attributes.

      [rating_form id="1"]
      [rating_form id="1" custom_id="1"]
      [rating_form id="1" custom_id="2"]

      1. Alex

        Thank you help !
        One more question. When the embed code on page created OptimizePress, the rating is not colored . It is only black . In the setting of all is color . Can you help with this ?

  10. Bohgames

    i bought it for wp and installed it and it workes good with posts but i need it work in Categories how can i do this ?

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author


      Thank you buying 🙂

      To use Rating Form in categories you need to provide the category ID with term_id attribute.

  11. Ahmed

    is it legal for google if i use review rich snippets for wp category ?

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Yes. Why would you think it isn't for google?

      1. Ahmed

        because it is category not single post or product

        Example :

        do you make sure that google allow this in his policies ?

        1. Ahmed

          check this

          and tell me what can i do please i'll wait your answer ?

          1. SerdarSerdar Post author

            The article only describes not to use rich snippet on the homepage, author of the article gives his own opnion on this matter. If you still have your doubts, contact google. I cannot help you further on this topic.

        2. SerdarSerdar Post author

          It is your choice, if you think rich snippet is important for categories then dont remove it.

  12. Dante

    Hi, I bought the plugin. Can you tell me if it automatically updates or do I have to install updates manually (i.e. download from codecanyon and FTP unzipped folder and overwrite existing folder, etc). Please advise, thanks!


    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Hi Dante,

      You will have to update manually (download from codecanyon and overwrite with FTP).

  13. Mustafa

    i need if condition code to put message shown when votes are > 0

    1. Mustafa

      Example for what i need but $voted doesn't work what can i use ??

      0 ) { ?>Message

  14. Mustafa

    Example :

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Hello, Can you contact me through the support page of codecanyon? Link:

  15. Stephan

    I would like add the rating form to a user profile, is there an option to add to the shortcode so it uses the users id (not of the loggedin, because voting can be done by guests as well, but the actual user profile).

  16. Александр

    А как можно скачать этот плагин себе? Мне он очень понравился.

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      I used translation.

      Do you wanna know where you can download wordpress plugin Rating Form?
      If so, click here to go to CodeCanyon (Rating Form).

  17. Babak

    Hi Be For Buy I Have One Quastion
    I Test THis Page On GOogle and found this error
    manquante et obligatoire
    manquante et obligatoire
    manquante et obligatoire
    manquante et recommandée
    manquante et recommandée

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author


      Thank you for your interest in Rating Form. Rich snippet schema was changed. I fixed these errors.

  18. Babak

    i have alot post this plugin add automatic to all post ?
    and i want hide this when! can i ?
    1468 ratingsX
    Very bad! Bad Hmmm Oke Good!
    8.9% 8.2% 16.2% 12.9% 53.8%

    and where is changelog ?

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Yes, on tools plugin page, you can add to all posts or pages easily, just by inserting a shortcode or html. Stats can be disabled, like this: [rating_form id="1" stats="false"]

      You can edit options for displaying a Rating Form on posts only or on pages etc. or choose specific post types.

      Click here for the current changelog.

      1. Babak

        Thanks FOr YoUR Replay
        Ibuy Your Plugin iN CodeCanyon AND Give You 5 Rating :X
        Thanks AND Keep Updating

  19. asker

    Hi, is it compatible with elegantthemes Divi theme?

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Hi, If it's a WordPress theme. I see no reason why it should not work.

  20. juhkl ij


  21. suraj jadhav

    Pre buy question
    does it will work with cache plugins and cdn?

  22. Bülent AYTAÇ

    great plugin, thank yo so much. rich snippet wakes of work?

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Thank you, Bülent.

      I assume you are asking if the rich snippet works? Yes, it does. You can test my website (this page) on structured data testing tool.

  23. K M Ariful Islam

    one of the best plugin, thank yo so much...

  24. D

    Hello. One question. Does your plugin allow to re-vote?

    1. SerdarSerdar Post author

      Hi, Thank you for your interest in this plugin.

      Yes. Same guest / user is allowed to re-vote. You will need to change option Restrict IP/User to OFF (false) or you can set a limit of ratings per guest / user.

  25. iris gomez

    rating in the comment form, and showing the result in the comment

  26. testoo

    hi testing this for now. I want to see if others can comment on my comment. I am looking for that particular feature also

  27. D D Bhatti

    On my Android Blog

    i have configured rating form as per documentation. The problem is google is showing star rating by searching on all the posts.
    But its not showing star rating when i search my keyword "mipad triple boot" or any keyword for my site.
    Also google rich snippet tool not showing Aggregate rating value to any post of my site. Although there is no errors on google rich snippet tool its not showing star rating on general search.

  28. rahim

    Hello serdar Thanks many many time for nice plugin
    Please help me How to Add Custom Votes for a post
    Example one new post and add 200 Votes

  29. jhjh


  30. Suzana

    hello. It is possible to implement this rating solution on a regular php/html website? Because I am not using wordpress or other platforms. And if I have 2000 pages, I have to include the short code (if exist) from the first page to the last one, with an increment script?

  31. test


  32. aurel


  33. hosein

    hi serdar its very good plugin
    i have question how i can use star rating infront of product title

  34. pragati ranjan patra

    Hi Serder,
    I bought this plugin and I am having difficulty in setting up with myCred. Currently hook supports only fixed value to "award user" when he rates. I figured out that below code award points :

    if ( ! $this->over_hook_limit( '', 'rate_post', $user_id ) )

    where $this->prefs['creds'] is value of points to be awarded. I want this to be dynamic, it should be based on the rating value. For example -- if user has rated a content as 5, then 5 points should be awarded, similarly if he gives it 3, 3 points should be awarded.

  35. Norby

    Hi. How to display more at 10 ratings in admin panel?

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